The Probate Process Explained

Probate is the judicial process whereby a will is “proved” by a court of law and accepted as a valid public document, which leads to the distribution of a deceased person’s estate, and ensures that the conditions of their Will are met. During this process, the Executors of the Will distribute the deceased’s possessions, money, property, and shares (otherwise known as assets).

While the whole probate process is made up of administrative duties and complex legal and financial affairs, accurately valuing the investments of a deceased person can be particularly difficult and time consuming. Here at Cave & Sons, we have a wealth of experience in accurately and efficiently valuing the investments of those who have passed away, even if their records are old or minimal. Continue reading to find out how we can help you, or take a look at our Probate Brochure for a list of services and prices.

How Do We Perform Accurate Probate Valuations?

The way we value investments will depend on the case. Obviously, some cases will be more complex than others, but we have a long history of investment valuations for even the most difficult cases.

For us, the most straightforward probate valuations are compiled when the deceased had an account here at Cave & Sons. Usually, all we will require is written permission from the Executor  for a valuation request, as well as a copy of the deceased’s death certificate. Knowing the account number will also speed up the process.

There is, however, no need to worry if this is not the case. By working with the share registrars, we are able to investigate and confirm the value of shareholdings once we are provided with the necessary information and documentation. If you have share certificates belonging to the deceased, we can determine whether or not they are still valid before applying for confirmation of shareholdings from the share registrars.

While certificates are the easiest way to determine the validity of shareholdings, other documentation can also be sufficient. This includes tax records, statements, or dividend cheques. In many cases records of correspondence relating to shareholdings may be enough for us to take proceedings further with the share registrars. 

Why Choose Cave & Sons’ Probate Services?

Our probate services team are made up of highly-trained professionals that have a history of accurate investment valuations with the benefit of a quick-turnaround. Our services are expansive and flexible, meaning we can cater to cases of all sizes. For a full list of specific services and pricing, please refer to our Probate Brochure.

If you are looking to use this service, or have any questions, please get in touch with our probate manager, Rebecca Ryan, on 01604 621 421, or fill in our contact form and she will be in touch.