Webinar: Using Trusts for Tax & Financial Planning

Watch this invaluable webinar held with the ICAEW Financial Planning Community. Learn how Trusts can be utilised, with practical examples of where different types of vehicles can be used to deliver the most effective outcomes. Trusts offer a way to protect your assets, such as property, cash or investments and facilitate the transfer of assets…

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Growing Your Investment Income

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If your investment goal is income, your options have broadened in the last two years.          Source: Bank of England If you wanted income from your capital two or more years ago, there often seemed little alternative to taking on higher investment risk to achieve your goals. The Bank of England interest…

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MHA Caves Quarterly Newsletter – Q3 2023

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Welcome to the latest edition of Caves Quarterly, where we review the key market and financial news from the last few months, and look ahead to the future.   To read, please click the link: MHA Caves Quarterly Newsletter – Q3 2023

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Weekly Market Update – Week Ending 06/10/2023

This week, events in the bond markets dominated the headlines. As investors continued to adopt a “higher for longer” narrative for interest rates, long-dated government bond yields around the globe increased.    On Wednesday in the US,  30-year Treasury bond yields rose to 5% for the first time in 16 years, whilst in Germany the…

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Pensions: Are You Saving Enough?

Pensions: are you saving enough?

Are you new to pensions and looking to understand the basics, or do have a pension already but want to know how to get the best from it?         Look no further – as part of Pensions Awareness Week (11 – 15 September) we share the answers to the questions we get…

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Capital Gains Rules Relaxed for Separations

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Divorce or dissolution can be a painful process, but new rules should ease some of the tax complications couples face when splitting assets. The changes relate to capital gains tax (CGT). Under UK tax rules, assets can be transferred between married couples and civil partners without triggering a CGT charge. But difficulties can arise once…

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MHA Caves Wealth Quarterly Newsletter- Q2 2023

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Welcome to the latest edition of Caves Quarterly, where we take a look back over the last few months and look ahead to the future. To read, please click the link below: MHA Caves Wealth Quarterly Newsletter – Q2 2023

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Structured Products – Individuals & Corporates

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Structured products are designed to provide a return in excess of what is available from traditional bank accounts, whilst also offering a degree of protection on the underlying capital.   Whilst not an exhaustive list, these products can often be used in the following scenarios.   For Individuals:   Where surplus cash is currently held…

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Weekly Market Update- Week Ending 16/06/2023

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This week saw the release of the much-anticipated inflation figure for May in the US and the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) latest decision on interest rates. On Tuesday, we got confirmation that inflation continues to trend lower in the States, with inflation in the year to May at 4%, having been 4.9% in April. This was…

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