How D’YA Like Your BREGGSIT In The Morning?

An image of a broken egg with european flag on the yolk

Hard or soft? It all looks a little bit scrambled to me… Theresa May’s Conservative government now has less than two years of negotiations to secure her objective of a ‘deep and special partnership’ with the EU. With the BREXIT deadline clock ticking away, speculation remains over what kind of relationship the UK will be…

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US to ‘Trump’ Brexit?

image of the white house

Had you been told 12-months ago that Donald Trump would be the Republican’s Presidential candidate, and in with a very real chance of becoming the 45th President of the United States, you wouldn’t have been alone in responding with disbelief. But then again, I doubt this time last year many would have predicted that Britain,…

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BREXIT – Volatility here to stay

image of GBP and Euro

As voting closed on 23rd June, like most, I watched the start of the referendum results coverage and with Sterling rallying to 1.5 $/£, headed to bed expecting to wake to a ‘Remain’ vote confirmation. As my 10 week old son decided 3am was a good time for a feed, I reached for the phone…

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BREXIT; Leave vote update

A sign post with a union jack flag pointing one way and the EU pointing the other

Congratulations to the polling companies on another stunning job well done! As predicted in the run up to the vote, share prices and sterling both began trading sharply lower this morning following the vote to leave the EU. Prime Minister David Cameron is one of the early casualties, confirming his intention to step down in…

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Running for the Brexit

image of british flag and eu flag

My advice on the differing views emanating from interested parties (Vote Leave, Remain, Bank of England, IMF, ECB etc.) on the likely effect on UK economic and individual prosperity, as we approach voting day is – believe no-one! Unfortunately, both sides of the ‘Brexit’ debate have stretched their credibility more than a little with ‘facts’…

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