Protecting your health

Private healthcare options are on the rise as more people are looking at alternatives to the NHS through personal or workplace provision. 

Protection and insurance products can provide access to some primary healthcare options, such as GP and dental services, and often contribute towards the cost. 

There are significant differences between providers and products in price, coverage and exclusions, although none replicates the range of services available via the NHS. Understanding the details of each policy is key to finding the right option.


  • Cash plan policies: Pay out a fixed contribution towards routine healthcare costs, such as dental and optician fees. 
  • Income protection: An insurance policy that pays a fixed monthly income if you are signed off work through ill health. It can ensure essential bills are paid during a period of illness. 
  • Critical illness: Pays a lump sum on the diagnosis of one of the serious illnesses listed on the insurance policy. The conditions will include most cancers, heart disease and stroke. 
  • Private medical insurance: Typically covers the cost of private diagnostic tests, consultations and hospital treatment. Emergency cover is not included, nor is treatment for existing or ongoing problems such as asthma and diabetes, nor pregnancy-related complications. 

Many of these products now also offer a range of additional services, often at no extra cost.  This can include virtual GP services, mindfulness apps and online counselling, plus information on lifestyle issues – for example diet, smoking or exercise.

While these products can of course be bought individually, employers are increasingly offering some form of health benefit to their staff to improve staff retention and reduce long-term sickness absence. 

If you need to access health insurance at any point, or are looking to improve your health, it is worth checking what benefits may be available through your workplace, including access to healthy lifestyle services.


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