Income Protection – A Short Guide

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Income protection is an often-overlooked member of the personal insurance family. While most people have life cover, and most have at least heard of critical illness, many are unaware of the benefits an income protection policy can offer.   Long term illness can be devastating for a family’s finances, but income protection can provide a…

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5 Ways to Save Better

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In a time of rising inflation and costs, it’s important to consider ways to not only save money, but also how to get your savings to work harder for you. Whether you have short- or long-term goals such as that dream holiday, a new car, or saving for a house deposit or retirement, regular savings…

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The Power of Pensions

Pensions provide a tax -efficient way of saving, and are key to securing your lifestyle during retirement. There are different types of pensions available, so you can choose what suits your circumstances. The most common are the State Pension and the Workplace Pension.     Another type of pension is the Occupational Pension Occupational pension…

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Investment Taxation – Tax Saving Tips

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TAX SAVING TIPS Recent changes in the UK tax regime have highlighted the importance of clients reviewing the structure of their current and potential investment vehicles.  It might not always be possible to avoid taxation of income or capital gains, but if the correct action is taken, the overall tax paid can potentially be reduced,…

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