Cave & Sons is now MHA Caves Wealth!

With 115 years of history behind us, we are now pleased to unveil the next phase of our growth. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have recently approved our partnership with MHA MacIntyre Hudson, one of the largest firms of accountants, tax and business advisers in the UK.

In recognition of this venture we have a new logo and a new name, MHA Caves Wealth, reflecting not only our partnership but also the much broader range of services that we are able to offer clients these days.

Aside from this change of name and a new logo, there will be no change to our legal entity or regulatory status. There will be no requirement for us to issue any new terms of business to you, or to ask you to sign new agreements with us. Any investments or plans that you currently hold with us are also completely unaffected. Our team look forward to being of continued service to you.