5 Ways to Save Better

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In a time of rising inflation and costs, it’s important to consider ways to not only save money, but also how to get your savings to work harder for you.

Whether you have short- or long-term goals such as that dream holiday, a new car, or saving for a house deposit or retirement, regular savings can help you achieve your goals. A savings pot also provides a safety net for any unexpected expenses that can arise.

In support of UK Savings Week (18-24 September) which aims to raise awareness of the importance of saving, our financial advisers share here their favourite money saving tips! 

From small changes in daily habits to long-term ways to save, these are 5 easy to apply, practical hints and uncomplicated tips that can help you save money.

Whether you are a regular saver or just getting started, we hope these tips help you to save better.


Our Top 5 Money Saving Tips


Tip #1: Shop Smart to Make Your Money Go Further 

Often overlooked, money saving apps and comparison websites offer advice and discounts, that can result in significant savings on every-day items, renewals on utilities, or your more expensive purchases. 


Tip #2: Set Your Savings Goals  

Setting clear savings goal and working towards those with the help of a few tools and simple tips can help you avoid dipping into funds where you may not want to.


Tip #3: Make Your Savings Tax Efficient 

If you are making regular savings into your pension or ISAs, take advantage of the tax reliefs available to ensure your savings are as tax efficient as possible.


 Tip #4: Review Your Debts (Mortgages)

Rising interest rates can impact in many ways, including on your savings. A key area to review is your debt, which for many people will be their mortgages. There are actions you can take to start to lower your debt and save money.


Tip #5: Save With the Power of Compounding Interest

Could you really get rich by ditching your daily coffee? Not quite, but this tip shows the power of small changes in your daily habits that can build up to significant savings in the long-term. 


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