Oakley Point-to-Point 2017

an image of the restricted point-to-point race sponsored by cave and sons

Cave & Sons were delighted to sponsor the Restricted Race at the 2017 Oakley Point-to-Point, held at Brafield-on-the-Green on 19th March. The race of 14 horses was a well-run and closely-fought battle which saw Namako, ridden by Alex Edwards and trained by Philip Rowley, finish victorious, earning himself a place in the Restricted Point-to-Point series final on 9th June, which takes place in Stratford-upon-Avon. The race was nail biting from start to finish, and saw horses Cab On Times and In The Hold claiming well respected second and third positions. Great fun was had by those of us from Cave and Sons who attended the event, which showcased excellent countryside tradition along with local community spirit.

The event itself was seamlessly coordinated and very well attended. Excitement filled the air and excellent sportsmanship was seen from all, including riders, trainers, owners, spectators and those betting; both winners and those less lucky. We’re sure that all who came along would have had a thoroughly enjoyable day, and we look forward to hopefully seeing some familiar faces there again next year!

an image of  cave and sons at the point-to-point race as sponsors

As all Point-to-Point meetings throughout the UK are run by volunteers who simply enjoy the spirit of the day, there is always the need for extra pairs of hands to help with the preparation and to ensure the event remains organised. All assistance is welcome, great or small, so if you are interested in being part of the next event, be sure to contact Point-to-Point today.

We wish the best of luck to all riders, trainers and horses competing in the series final, and are confident that those in attendance will be thrilled once again. The thunder of hooves and buzzing atmosphere truly makes for a superb day, and we are thoroughly looking forward to attending our next Point-to-Point event!

an image of the restricted point-to-point race sponsored by cave and sons