Venture Capital Trusts Explained

VCT’s (Venture Capital Trusts) are investment companies that are listed on the London Stock Exchange and set up to invest in small unquoted, entrepreneurial businesses in the UK to help them grow. There can be a higher risk to invest in small companies, so to encourage support for these businesses the Government offers generous tax benefits for VCT investing.

Our financial planners have compiled this short video to answer your most frequently asked questions about VCT’s, to help you decide whether this is a suitable investment route for you:

1. What exactly is a VCT?

2. Are there any tax benefits to VCTs

3. What sort of investor would typically invest in VCT’s?

4. How do you go about mitigating the risks of investing in VCT’s?

5. What is the liquidity like with VCT’s and how do clients get their money back

6. How can MHA Caves Wealth help to meet your ESG criteria?

7. Why would you not consider an EIS before a VCT?

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