PCEB Webinar – Business Protection: What, Why, When?

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20 April @ 10am – 11am


To protect your business’ long-term financial security and success, it’s important to have the right policies in place for your key people. 

If you own a business, chances are you have invested in policies to cover employers’ liability insurance, public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance. It is also important to consider your most valuable asset – your people.

Business Protection policies protect your businesses against the adverse effects of losing key people and related critical events, to ensure owners stay in control and disruption is minimal during those challenging times. 

Would your business benefit from protection? 

Consider the following scenarios involving your key people:

  1. How would you find and train a replacement if a key person in your business died unexpectedly or became critically ill, and how long would it take?
  2. Would you be in danger of losing contracts, goodwill or important contacts if you lost a key person?
  3. What would you do if a stakeholder’s beneficiaries want a quick cash payment instead of shares or a share of the business?
  4. If you lost a key person through death or critical illness, would you be able to pay off any existing loans?

Join us for this webinar in which we team up with the Private Client team at MHA MacIntyre Hudson, to explain the most popular business protection policies, how they work, and the scenarios where different types of policies are applicable. We’ll also clear up the confusion around how these policies are taxed, and the impact of the increased corporation tax rate.


Key points we’ll cover in this webinar:

  • How business protection policies work to minimise disruption during critical events
  • The most popular types of business protection policies
  • Which policies suit which types of businesses
  • Tax efficiencies and impact of the increase in corporation tax.



  • David Hume – Financial Adviser and Chartered Wealth Manager, MHA Caves Wealth
  • Patrick King – Head of Entrepreneurial Business, MHA MacIntyre Hudson
  • James Kipping – Head of Private Client team, MHA MacIntyre Hudson



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