Boris Johnson’s Attitude Towards Business

An image of Boris Johnson giving a speech

As you know, Boris Johnson became the new prime minister of the UK at the end of July 2019. There seem to be mixed feelings about Theresa May’s successor; some say he’s the right person to deliver Brexit, whilst others suggest he could be a disaster. Cave & Sons assess the new prime minister’s view towards business, in their latest blog post. 

His Attitude Towards Business

Boris made news headlines last year (yet again) when he replied “F*** business” to questions on corporate concerns at a Foreign Office reception. This remark has followed him for the past year, and has resurfaced now that he has won the leadership contest. Boris has assured the public that this remark was taken out of context and he is on the side of business. To try and win over business owners, he has said he will be continuing with the system of business councils set up by Theresa May, and has introduced a ‘bailout’ fund that will be used to support businesses at risk of folding in a no-deal Brexit scenario. 

Boris and his government have also been on damage control duty and have attended meetings with executives and business groups to warn them of a potential no-deal Brexit and how to prepare. He has once again assured businesses they have his support after various groups raised concerns that businesses, especially SMEs, will find it hard to cope with a no-deal Brexit.

It seems reassuring UK businesses that they have his support is at the forefront of Boris’ mission at the moment, but only time will tell if he follows through with his promises by the Brexit deadline. 

Cave & Sons

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