Cave’s Quarterly – Q1 2020

To get up to speed with the recent economic and market developments, please take a read of the first Cave’s Quarterly round-up of 2020. CLICK HERE TO READ

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BREXIT – Volatility here to stay

image of GBP and Euro

As voting closed on 23rd June, like most, I watched the start of the referendum results coverage and with Sterling rallying to 1.5 $/£, headed to bed expecting to wake to a ‘Remain’ vote confirmation. As my 10 week old son decided 3am was a good time for a feed, I reached for the phone…

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BREXIT; Leave vote update

A sign post with a union jack flag pointing one way and the EU pointing the other

Congratulations to the polling companies on another stunning job well done! As predicted in the run up to the vote, share prices and sterling both began trading sharply lower this morning following the vote to leave the EU. Prime Minister David Cameron is one of the early casualties, confirming his intention to step down in…

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