Cave’s Quarterly – Q1 2020

To get up to speed with the recent economic and market developments, please take a read of the first Cave’s Quarterly round-up of 2020. CLICK HERE TO READ

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US Election Update

image of trump at rally

Good work from the polling companies again! Having read through a number of early research pieces this morning, the main thrust seems to be as follows in respect of the implications of a Trump presidency. Republican control of the upper houses should permit most reasonable Trump policies getting through. Some of the more ‘controversial’ campaign…

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BREXIT – Volatility here to stay

image of GBP and Euro

As voting closed on 23rd June, like most, I watched the start of the referendum results coverage and with Sterling rallying to 1.5 $/£, headed to bed expecting to wake to a ‘Remain’ vote confirmation. As my 10 week old son decided 3am was a good time for a feed, I reached for the phone…

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